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Brain - Thought Machine. Bubbles - The thoughts. Burst - When the thoughts go public. New bubbles burst here everyday.

Hello people!

This is me, Me again. I know this is the first post on my blog, but I will still use the term 'again'. Wondering why?

Well, it is simple. From the last two years, I have made several blogs, deleted them, and then again made blogs and deleted them. It was not that the blogs were really crappy or something of that sort. In fact, they were good blogs and people used to follow them too. But then that's the point - people used to follow the blog and used to ask me to write more (I am sounding so self obsessed and narcissist right now, right?). And I used to feel guilty that I was lazy and never updated my blogs for months... So I deleted them all.


I plan to be regular now.

Or so I hope.

Today's brain bubble - Procastination and the sudden urge to do something are two different phases in life. But when they both come and go frequently, that too on the same issue, they can be fun! :D Like, imagine you want to go to the loo, and then you are like, "No, let it be.. It's too far!", and then you are like, "Actually I should go, because then I have a meeting and then I won't be able to walk out." Then you go, "But I can control, I am not a kid after all!"... and then you keep thinking about going and not going, till you finally drink so much water thinking that you have no other choice but to go! :D

So I drank too much water (read: filled up so much stuff to write about in my head) that I had no other choice but to leak it out! :)

Signing out,
Funny Me!

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There are various things in life that affect us in some way or the other; some, just set us thinking. This blog aims to talk about questions and issues that create thought bubbles in my head. They bubbles burst when I put them as posts out here! :)

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